Are Dogs allowed at the festival? Dogs/Pets are allowed at the festival on a leash but not in the areas directly in front of the stage and under the festival tents... the "festival area".  There is plenty of space for Dogs/Pets at the festival in the camping areas outside of the central festival area.  But we are trying to ride the line between pet lovers and non-pet lovers so no Dogs/Pets are allowed in the area right in front of the stage and under the festival tents.

Can we bring chairs and blankets?  No Chairs will be provided. Guests must bring their own chairs and blankets if they desire. Low back chairs are allowed in any area of the festival, Regular height or taller chairs may only be used in designated areas. Tarps, Blankets, Chairs, etc, may NOT be left in the audience area over night. Audience space may not be saved in any other way over night. 

When can we get there for camping?  What is allowed?  Campers, RV's, car camping, tent camping is all allowed.  Campers can arrive on a first come first serve basis starting Thursday at 5:00PM.  Campers will be divided into RV w/and without generators, Tent/car camping, etc... There is plenty of availability but no hookups... just "dry camping".  There will be water available to replentish your supplies if needed.

Are fires allowed?  No camp fires are allowed, especially considering the current Utah state drought regulations.

Can we bring our own food and drink?  And, is alcohol allowed?  Yes, yes and yes.

How much is parking?  Free

Are there food vendors?  Yes, there will be some food vendors there at the festival.

Is there shade at the festival?  Can I bring shelters and/or umbrellas?  There is limited shade at the festival and we will have some tents set up.  You can also bring shelters/canopies and/or umbrellas.  You can set them up on the edges of the tent/shelter area.  Basically, there will be blankets and seats in the front, then after that there will be areas to set up shelters and umbrellas.  We figure the festival viewing area starts to get shady at around 3 or 4 PM.

How do I get to the festival?  The Wasatch Mountain Music Festival will be held on July 9-11, 2021 at the Richard W. Erickson ranch in Wallsburg, UT.  For directions, see map below, or Google Maps puts the address at "00-0010-2991, Wallsburg, UT 84082".